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(New available) ParfactWorks LP1000 (1000W) Led Grow Bar Light

(New available) ParfactWorks LP1000 (1000W) Led Grow Bar Light

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Add 1 Intelligent Grow Light RJ11 Controller?

Clip in & out Design
Extremely easy to transport and install thanks to the 'Clip in & out' design which also makes your life easier with lowest maintenance cost and big saves on shipping.

Full spectrum
Using Top-bin Samsung LM281B 3000K & 5000K LEDs, mixed with 660nm red, 730nm IR and 395nm UV. 

IR & UV separated control
IR & UV separated on/off switch makes the light have 4 specturm.
Spectrum 1: 3000k + 5000k + Red 660nm
Spectrum 2: 3000k + 5000k + Red 660nm + IR 730nm
Spectrum 3: 3000k + 5000k + Red 660nm + UV 395nm
Spectrum 4: 3000k + 5000k + Red 660nm + IR 730nm + UV 395nm

Group Control
RJ11 daisy chain option for massive grow operation via a controller. 

IP65 Waterproof
IP65 waterproof rating makes you worry-free grow in high humidity environment.

Balanced Light Distribution
Uniform level of PPFD coverage for better canopy penetration.

LP1000 PAR Readings:

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