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ParfactWorks WF420 - 420W LED Grow Light

ParfactWorks WF420 - 420W LED Grow Light

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ParfactWorks WF420 - 420W LED Grow Light

Compact, versatile and easy to install - the ParfactWorks WF420 LED Grow Light is great for small or large grow spaces. The WF420 is flexible and efficient, with dimming capabilities from 0% - 100% and its reflective cup design concentrates top-bin Samsung and Epistar LEDs powerful full spectrum light evenly across your plants throughout their growth cycle! You can connect up 50 fixtures using daisy chained splitters and a ParfactWorks master controller so you're never short on coverage in any area of your garden.

Top-Shelf Components

Manufactured using industrial grade processes, the WF420 features top bin Samsung & Epistar Red 660nm diodes and a UL certified driver.

Even Light Coverage

The WF420's 8-bar configuration allows it to be mounted in low rooms, over rolling benches, in grow tents, or even on vertical racks. It's been engineered to deliver an even level of PPFD (photosynthetic flux density), but for optimum uniformity hang the light 24" - 36" above the canopy.

Externally Controllable

With the WF420, you can dim its powerful, full-spectrum light from 0% to 100% while maintaining efficiency and delivering ideal lighting levels to your plants as their needs change through the growth cycles, from veg to flower. Connect up to 50 of these powerful fixtures using the ParfactWorks master controller and daisy-chained splitters.  

Upgraded Full Spectrum Light

Idea for all growth stages- from veg to bloom. mixed with white, blue, red and UV,IR LED (3000K, 5000K, 660nm and IR 730nm & 395nm UV)

Increased Yields and Quality

With theWF420 you can expect yields on average up to 2.5 g/w and overall crop quality compared to traditional blurple and HPS lights. 

No Removable Driver & Fanless Design

TheWF420's fanless design eliminates fan noise, moving parts that can fail, and offers optimal heat dissipation from its thick 2.8 Inch (70mm) aluminum heatsink. The all in one design's build-in driver saves install time and labor costs. 

Waterproof IP65 Rated

Its IP65 waterproof rating takes the worry out of growing in high humidity environments.

180 Degree Foldable Design

TheWF420's slim design is also foldable up to 180 degrees, making it small, compact, easy to install, take down, and store. Recommended for home, commercial grows, grow rooms, and grow tents.


What's Included

  • (1x) WF420 Grow Light Bar
  • (1x) 6ft Power Cord
  • (2x) Hangers with carabiners
  • (2x) Adjustable Yoyo Hangers
  • (1x) RJ11 Cable
  • (1x) User Manual


ParfactWorks WF420 Features

  • LED Qty: 1088 pcs
  • Emitting Color: 3000K/5000K - Red 660bn - UV 395nm/IR730nm
  • LED Source: Top-Bin Samsung LED
  • Par Efficiency: 2.8 umol/j
  • Driver: Built-in Infinex UL Drivers
  • Input Voltage: Auto-sensing 90-305V
  • Thermal Management: Passing cooling
  • IR Rating: IP65 Waterproof
  • Dimming: 1 Manual Dimmer & RJ11 Controller (Sold Separately)
  • Operating Temperature: -20C to 40C (-4F to 104F)
  • Lifetime: >100,000 hours

ParfactWorks WF840 Specifications

Veg Footprint 7' x 4'
Flower Footprint 6' x 3'
420 watts
Light Output 1176 umol/s
HID/HPS Equivalent 1000 watt
Recommended Height 18" - 36" above canopy
Dimensions 22" x 42" x 1.77"
Manufacturer's Warranty 5 years
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